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Sao Paulo Headache Center – English Version


 Sao Paulo Headache Center was founded and coordinated by Mario Peres, MD, PhD, FACP.

Dr Peres has a research carrier in the headache field with more than 70 scientific publications, he was a fellow at the Jefferson Headache Center, Philadelphia, PA, working with Drs Stephen Silberstein, William Young and others.

Our headache center has been referred and receive patients from all regions in Brazil, South America, and other areas (US, Europe and Africa).

We see patients on a regular basis both inpatient and outpatient. First visit consultations can be scheduled at the following addresses:

Al Joaquim Eugenio de Lima, 881 cj 708-709. Phone 55-11-32855726

This is the main address for the clinic, it is near Av Paulista, with easy access.

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Dr Peres has also office hours at Hospital Albert Einstein,

 Av Albert Einstein, 627 sala 1309. Phone 55-11-37473309

For medical emergencies, please go to the ER at Albert Einstein Hospital and ask the doctors to contact Dr Peres, himself or one of his staff physicians will be soon seeing your case.


A headache center usually takes care of all types of headache disorders, primary or secondary, migraine or other headaches prevention is one of the most important strategies.

Nerve blocks, botulinum toxin applications are performed as treatment options.

Most medications available worldwide can be found in Brazil, if not, the medication can be imported by the patient.


If you are moving to Brazil and need headache care, don’t worry, we can provide excellent care for your headache disorder, if you are not in Sao Paulo, please contact us for a referral. Ask your doctor to send us a medical report, it is very likely he or she knows Dr Peres publications in the headache field, a quick search on with the words Pere MF will display the papers abstracts.


If your are interested in reading literature about headaches, you can go to our publications section.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via email at [email protected]

Psicoterapia para tratamento de enxaqueca

A psicoterapia pode ser uma grande aliada no tratamento da enxaqueca, e outras cefaleias, dores de cabeça. A Terapia Cognitiva Comportamental é uma das melhores opções em psicoterapia.

Para mais informações leia mais em

Para marcar uma consulta com a Dra Juliane Mercante, ligue para 11 3288 6523

Para Marcar Consulta

Para Marcar consulta com Dr Mario Peres, médico neurologista, CRM-SP 86494 ligue para (011) 3285-5726 para consultas no Centro de Cefaleia ou (011) 2151-0110 para consultas no Hospital Albert Einstein, sala 110.

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